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Clinging to hands, stunning shapes, glittering colors, unique design. Our handmade lollipops makes the heart beat of buyers, and also ours. On their return home, more and more people would like to bring home a sophisticated and stylish souvenirs. It may be locally created item or food. Quality souvenirs around the world have developed into design products that are attractive to locals and also foreigners alike because their high quality and appearance. We can also recall the most beautiful moments of our journey by looking at this small souvenirs.


Natural colors

Our brilliant and sophisticated colors can only be attributed to the different and intensive natural origin colourants.


Hand-made products

By our individual hand-made lollipops, in many cases, the workers also paint the design manually.


Suitable products

Collocate your individual lollipop! Choose the required parameters: form-, size-, colour-, flavour-, and packaging.


Quality products

Our company operates food safety system, which affects the management of the entire process.